Ted (Red Band Trailer)

Here’s the red band trailer for Seth Macfarlane’s Ted. This is Macfarlane’s directorial debut, and it stars Mila Kunis and Mark Wahlberg.

I found the trailer pretty funny, and can’t wait to see it in theaters.




21 Jump Street (5 Minute Red Band Trailer)

I’ve never heard of a 5 minute red band trailer for any movie in the past so this is quite interesting. I already wanted to see this movie before viewing this trailer, and this just made me want to go watch it even more.

21 Jumpstreet stars Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum. It opens in theaters March 16.



Will Ferrell Plans To Film Step Brothers 2 This Fall

Via: Collider.com

Looks like Ice Cube isn’t the only person in Hollywood working on sequels. Will Ferrell is apparently in the same state of mind.

While promoting his upcoming film Casa de mi Padre, Will was asked about his upcoming projects. Apparently people want Anchorman 2, but Will has confirmed that as of now the project is dead, but he did have some big news regarding a sequel to Step Brothers.

Ferrell revealed that he plans on writing a script to Step Brothers soon, and hopes to start shooting the film this fall.

I hope this gets done.

Ice Cube Confirms Friday Sequel Is In The Works

Via: Collider.com

It looks like Ice Cube is indeed going to give the people what they want. While out promoting 21 Jump Street, Cube was asked about the rumors of a Friday sequel. Here’s what he had to say.

“There’s a lot of movement. I’m writing the script right now, so we worked out a deal with New Line. The ball is rolling. We invited everybody back and we’ll have a fun movie.”

When asked about Chris Tucker returning, Cube simply replied, “I hope so.”