Arctic Monkeys – Electricity [Audio Video]

So here’s our first listen to the B-Side to ‘R U Mine?’

The song will officially be released this Saturday (4.21.12) for ‘Record Store Day’.

Can’t wait for the CDQ of this track.



Kendrick Lamar – The Recipe (Ft. Dr. Dre)

This Scoop DeVille produced track features Dr. Dre and will be the first single off Kendrick’s Aftermath debut album “Good Kid in a Mad City“.

They really work well off each other. I have high hopes for Kendrick’s album. 

Christina Hendricks and Olivia Munn added to the list of Celebrity Hacked Photos

Yes, the buxom-bodied red head and the woman every gamer fantasizes about are new victims to the celebrities whose “scandalous” pictures have been leaked. What’s there to say about these pictures except that they are a bit risque, but they’re not full on nasty nude photos like Vanessa “Beaver” Hudgens or Cassie “Spread Eagle” Ventura. I personally don’t think these photos aren’t that bad because 1) they’re still covered up & 2) we’ve seen them in outfits or bikinis like that before. Anyway, here’s the link if you want to see the pictures for yourself.

P.S. An advice to all you folks who like to take pictures like these and like to send them through the digital world: DON’T BE STUPID AND TAKE A PICTURE WITH YOUR FACE IN IT!!! Those pictures will NEVER be deleted. This is what happens if you do do that.



What do you think of these pictures?

Osama Bin Laden Is D-U-D! DEAD!


Yes you read it correctly. Osama Bin Laden has FINALLY been killed by American special forces. It’s been nearly 10 years since that unforgettable morning on September 11, but tonight we can rejoice. Not a lot of details were released, but President Obama has made it official that Osama has been killed and the U.S. has his body in custody.

Verizon’s Mobile App Recovery

Source: Appolicious

Verizon has many new customers joining the Smartphone community, and their are a few apps out in the market where it can locate your phone like Android’s Where’s My Droid. Now Where’s My Droid is an all general app for any Android phone, but Verizon’s app is linked with the insurance company Asurion and its TEC.

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