Linkin Park To Debut New Single “Burn It Down” On April 16th


MTV recently caught up with Linkin Park frontman, Chester Bennington on the set of their new video for “Burn It Down”. The first single off their highly anticipated follow-up album to “A Thousand Suns“.

“Well, we promised our fans that we’d put out records faster, and that’s what we’re doing. We figured out a way to condense our cycle, so to speak, by … continuing to write, trying to keep the creative ball rolling as often as possible…”

-Chester Bennington

To watch the video of Chester speaking to MTV about Linkin Park’s new single “Burn It Down”, click HERE.


Linkin Park’s Next Single Will Be “Burning In The Skies”

Source: LPAssociation

As it was just revealed by Mike within the LPU Video Chat, the next single off of A Thousand Suns will beĀ “Burning In The Skies”.

Stay tuned to The Linkin Park Association for more information as it becomes available.

Editorial Note: It should be noted that although Mike has stated that it’s highly likely for BITS to be the next single, that still nothing has been 100% chosen and that there is always the chance the final single could be different. Please treat this information as highly plausible but not totally confirmed at this point.

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Linkin Park – The Catalyst [Snippet]

The first single off Linkin Park’s new album has not yet leaked in it’s entirety, but here are a couple of clips of the song.

This first clip is from a teaser trailer for the game “Medal of Honor“, the full trailer will be released on August 1st and is directed by LP’s very own Joe Hahn.

The second clip comes courtesy of KROQ FM. It’s a snippet of the song’s chorus.

Click HERE to take a listen.

Again the song will be released on August 2nd.