AT&T To Buy T-Mobile For $39 Billion!

Source: Engadget
It’s been a while since we had any tech news reported on the site, but this is some MAJOR, major news here.

AT&T has agreed to buy T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom. The deal was first reported to be for $39 billion. But now we have the numbers according to TmoNews, who have gotten their hands on the official press release from Deutsche Telekom regarding the deal.

The $39 billion that Deutsche Telekom is set to receive has been broken up into cash and stock. $25 billion in cash and $14 billion in stock. This will give them an 8% stake in AT&T.

Now this whole thing needs to get ironed out and it may take up to 12 months for this to become complete. But still, crazy news.

A lot of questions to be asked here as for the future of wireless networks in the US.

Will the two companies remain separate? Will there be a T-Mo iPhone? Will Verizon try to make a move to acquire Sprint?

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