Marky – Is It Cool To F___ (Ft. XV)


This record here….no, THIS RECORD HERE! Me basically having fun with what I think are just basic male rules of engagement. That is, being on a date or chillin’ with a girl that you are so attracted, picking the right moment to ask, “is it cool if I ask can we f***?” Maybe not as blunt as that, but somewhere along them lines. I never know at what point is it cool to ask a female that lol. So the trick is to throw it in there respectfully (if thats even possible). I knew we needed a feature because it sounds like one of those records. I have a short-list of artist I’d like to work with and XV was on top of that list. He came off PERFECT on it! Exactly how I imagined it would be. He’s even comical in his verse, so if you want a good laugh – CRANK THIS HERE!!!!!!!

Consider this a treat for your iTunes!

More to come.

– Marky




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