The Dark Knight Rises


These past couple of days we have been receiving a lot of news regarding the 3rd Batman film. Today some important details have emerged.

First things first, the 3rd Batman film will be called The Dark Knight Rises. Not that bad of a title if you ask me.

2nd order of business is that the film won’t be in 3D. Thank GOD!

Finally the last announcement is that The Riddler won’t be the villain. I can’t say I’m too happy with this decision. So no Riddler, no Killer Croc, and no Mr. Freeze. Which leaves us guessing on who will be the next villain.

I have a strong feeling that Catwoman will be the next villain. What are your thoughts?


2 responses to “The Dark Knight Rises

  1. I think the title sucks.

    I would have thought Chris would have been a bit more creative with it. Oh well, I’m sure the movie is still going to be EPIC!

    I really want to find out who the villain is going to be tho.

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