Linkin Park “Waiting For The End” Music Video Stills


This looks pretty crazy, hope the video turns out well. Again in case you forgot it will be premiering tomorrow.

Here’s what Mr. Hahn had to say.

As some of you know, our next video is premiering this week. The clip is an experiment in making the most digital version of ourselves in the spirit of the visual pallette of A Thousand Suns. If you have been following our visuals throughout this album, this is the next step in our journey. I wanted to push ourselves so far down the digital path that it eventually felt spiritual. As we live our lives in the digital noise of today, we can find our center of humanity in the midst of the chaos. This is my illustration of that. I hope you enjoy this clip as we do. Here are some still shots to give you a sneak peak.

Click HERE to see the rest of the pics.


2 responses to “Linkin Park “Waiting For The End” Music Video Stills

  1. “limpshitkit sucks ass wnbnaae lps”LOL!! Limp Bizkit has been around much longer than Linkin Park. How can you say they are wnbnaae lps? It’s the other way around, Linkin Park are wnbnaae lbs. Let me guess, you are also one of those morons who think Linkin Park invented rap rock. So shut the fuck up kid.

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