Facebook/Skype Integration Soon

Via: PRNews

Being that this world is full of social networking sites, it seems that Facebook and Skype are trying to bring down their competition by doing a merger. A while back Google came with its own Google Voice, now Facebook/Skype are luring into merging their services so people can have multiple ways of communicating with each other. Now I know that the majority of people use Facebook, and Skype not to many people have but want. I started into the Skype trend and it seems ok, when most friends don’t want to be on Facebook chat to avoid a few friends. It will be an interesting merger to see how this all plays out. Skype is set to launch its 5.0 update in October and then we will see if this merger occurs and is successful, or it will go downhill like when Google attempted Buzz and was shot down by Twitter and Facebook.


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