Verizon’s Mobile App Recovery

Source: Appolicious

Verizon has many new customers joining the Smartphone community, and their are a few apps out in the market where it can locate your phone like Android’s Where’s My Droid. Now Where’s My Droid is an all general app for any Android phone, but Verizon’s app is linked with the insurance company Asurion and its TEC.

My Mobile Recovery is an app that would do many things a user needs that tends to lose his/her phone. Since I am part of that category, by like 15%, and just recently lost my phone I had sent out to look for an app to help me not lose my phone again. This app does almost everything a clumsy person would want and need.

  • Sound an alarm from a misplaced phone, even if it’s set to silent
  • Locate a lost phone on a map, with turn-by-turn directions
  • Remotely erase contacts from a lost or stolen phone
  • Available at no added cost with Verizon Wireless Total Equipment Plan (TEC) 

Now if you are part of Verizon and have TEC I would highly suggest that you grab this app since its free and does a lot more than just look for your phone. Now that I have my new phone and I will definitely have this app for future purposes which I hope I never have again. If you are a Verizon customer and have TEC for your phone and want this app click here.


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