What to Watch For: 2010 MTV Video Music Awards

Source: MTV

Tonight is the night of the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards live from the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, CA.

Like in previous years, tonight’s show will have a House Artist. Last year it was Wale and this year we have deadmau5 (pronounced ‘dead mouse’ for those that don’t know)

Continue after the break for a list of tonight’s performers.

Hitting the stage tonight will be…

Kanye West

Linkin Park


Justin Beiber

Nicki Minaj


Lady Gaga


Hayley Williams


Swizz Beatz

Mary J. Blige

Bruno Mars

Travie McCoy

Jason Derulo

Florence + the Machine

I might have missed a few, I couldn’t find a official list of performers on the site. Oh well…

Click HERE for some pics of the performers rehearsing for tonight’s show.


9 responses to “What to Watch For: 2010 MTV Video Music Awards

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  2. let’s see, we waited from 4:30 to 5:30 for the buses that would take us to the Observatory. Once we got there we waited for another hour or so to get moved to the actual location of the performance. Then it was only about 20 min before the band got on stage.

    we did wait for quite a bit, but when you get to see your favorite band for free, it’s well worth it.

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