Kanye West – Devil in a New Dress (prod. Bink!)

Source: kanYe West: Blog

This track was technically released on Saturday. But it’s free music from Kanye, so we’ll still count it as a “G.O.O.D. Friday” leak.

Bink! really did a good job on the beat, I think I like this song more than the previous leaks.

But you can judge for yourself by downloading the song below.

Download: Kanye West – Devil in a New Dress (prod. Bink!)

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4 responses to “Kanye West – Devil in a New Dress (prod. Bink!)

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  2. that you sohlud be a role model for your kids, but what if your kids want to go a different route than you? Not a worse route, just different. I feel that sometimes ENTERTAINMENT, gets taken too seriously (by both the artist and the consumer). Some artists need to understand the influence and message that they have and send to our youth, and be a bit more careful (or let them know that this is not reality). Some kids out here don’t understand that a song may just be ‘make believe’ or a piece of someones imagination (just like a fictional movie). I feel like a parents job is to set a good example for their children and support them in whatever endeavor(s) they pursue. Hopefully ‘our’ children will hold onto the morals that we instill in them. As parents, that’s all we sohlud try and do.I also wanted to comment on the fact that people feel that once an entertainer reaches a level of success or influence, they’ve sold their soul to the devil or joined “The Illuminati.” Jay-Z said on ‘Free Mason’: They didnt know what to do, so they put the devil on me.” I think sometimes people think TOO DEEP. If you became extraordinary at your job, would you have to sell your soul to have reached that level, or could you have reached that level with good old fashioned hard work and dedication (and a little bit of luck)? Entertainment is just a job. Society has placed these people on pedestals and given them super powers. Some artists buy into it, some stay grounded in reality. Whether or not the Illuminati exists is one thing, but thinking Jay-Z, Kanye West, or any other rapper has joined them simply because they have reached a level of success (probably never seen before in that particular genre) is ridiculous. I suggest that everyone live THEIR life and we’ll meet up in the end and see who was right.

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