Xbox Live Gold Price Increase on November 1st

Source: Engadget

Looks like Microsoft is adding $10 to their Xbox Live subscribers due to Kinect being around the corner. Now this may impact a lot of Xbox users, but what can we do except add an extra $10 to our budget. Now being a loyal Sony user (PS3) all we have is Playstation Plus, which is a nice feature but still not forced upon to purchase just yet, we don’t see much price increases to anything within this years timeline. Even though Xbox Live might have more players than PSN (Playstation Network), we still have a free service to play online.


4 responses to “Xbox Live Gold Price Increase on November 1st

  1. Damn u Microsoft…damn u. U know an addict like me and millions of others will keep on buying even if u raise the price. So smart yet so evil….

    • Ya the sad thing is that they make so much money off of xbox live subscribers, yet they stillhave the nerve to raise the price to be money hungry…Only thing that makes this better than it’s competition is free dlc on same console games available a month an advance. What a pitty if you ask me.

      • Ya I don’t complain much, because I can youtube a weeks worth of campers in adcanve in COD haha. This way I won’t be so frustrated when I get owned and not even know from where.

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