Favre Coming Back, Here We Go Again

Guess who’s practicing?

Source: Yahoo!
Looks like Favre has decided to practice with his team in his red jersey to get ready for the season. Favre says it’s because he feels this team can compete for a Super Bowl. Although this seems pretty certain he will come back, Favre did admit,

“there is nothing on me that’s 100 percent, there wasn’t anything that was 100 percent last year or the year before.” But he believes ankle surgery “made me a little better.”

Of course he’s not 100%. He wouldn’t be Brett Favre if he wasn’t 100%. But he is right about possibly competing for a Super Bowl. If Brett lasts the whole season still alive, they have a good chance. They still have a great defense, and one of best RB’s in the game in Adrian Peterson. They do have to battle with the Packers for the division, but I still think with a healthy Brett, the Vikings will probably win that division.


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