WatDaDickens: Man Sells Daughter for $21

WatDaDickens is not only the name of this site, but it’s also what I said when I saw the headline for this article. Check it out for yourself.

Source: Bing / Newsoxy

A man allegedly auctioned off his 6-year-old daughter for $21 in a desperate attempt to buy liquor in India. The 40-year-old man is a daily wage laborer who wanted a drink. However, he ran into problems when he tried to buy the booze.

The store owner refused to sell the man any alcohol because he owed the store money. So the father took matters into his own hands and placed his daughter her up for sale. The little girl was eventually sold for 1000 rupees ($US21) but police quickly retrieved her after they were tipped off about the alleged auction in Kadapa, south-central India.

The man was found and police beat him repeatedly. The buyer, who purchased the girl, fled the scene immediately. The girl was picked up by authorities.

He got what he had coming to him. That jackass.


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