No Dr. Dre on Ice Cube’s New Album “I Am The West”?

So as you may already know, Ice Cube is set to drop his new album “I Am The West” later this year.

A while back it was reported that Dr.Dre would be working on the album with Cube.

But it seems like Dre is M.I.A.

Here’s what Ice Cube had to say regarding Dr.Dre’s involvement on the album.

“Many asked about Dr. Dre working on my album. Negative, Dre has been M.I.A. for a few months now. I asked Snoop has he heard from him and he said, no. I can’t wait,” Ice Cube said  on his blog.  “I gotta turn my s**t in by Aug. 20th to make street date…Sept 28th. I’ll keep you posted if anythang new develops.”

“I’m almost done with my record, I Am The West. I’ve been mixing songs and dealing with paperwork all week and I’m down to my last 4 songs to mix. It’s bangin,’ he explained. “I think we’ll end up wit about 15 songs when it’s all said and done and I’m real happy wit it.”

Hopefully Dre gets back at Cube before he has to turn in the album to the studio. I guess we all have to play the waiting game now.


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