Eminem & Rihanna, A Couple?

Source: ContactMusic.com

I hadn’t heard about this until B_G@dget let me know.

The story goes that after recording their hit song “Love The Way You Lie“, Em and Rihanna have been talking and texting non stop.

They say that Eminem is actually the one that wants to date Rihanna, and even his grandma knows.

Continue after the break to see what Betty Kresin (Eminem’s granny) told Heat Magazine.

“I can totally see what any girl including Rihanna would see in him. He’s so charming; he has always had adorable, beautiful blue eyes and this charming, wonderful smile.”

“Rihanna would make a suitable partner for Marshall. But he needs to enjoy life and not get carried away with any relationships at the moment.”

Now that’s all well and good, but let’s not forget that Rihanna is currently linked to L.A. Dodgers star, Matt Kemp. So Marshall should probably ease off, I don’t think Matt plays that shit.

But I’m pretty sure everyone can agree that this is nothing more than media hype, but what if it’s not. What would be the better “Power Couple”, Eminem and Rihanna or Jay-Z and Beyonce?


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