Droid 2 Replaces Droid 1

Source: Droiddoes

It has been set and stone, the EOL (End Of Life) for the Droid 1 official and no longer being sold or seen on Verizon. Just this morning I went on the Droiddoes website to see if they have pre-sales going on for the D2, and seen that the D2 completely replaced the D1’s spot on this page. So no more D1 ever being sold period. Now what will happen within the next 24 hours is people will be having the D2 in their hands. So if you didn’t want a 4.3″ screen display with only a virtual qwerty, and want to be in the in with the android life with Verizon, now is the time to go and purchase this new phone while supplies last. Or you can wait a few days to see how people like the phone, but then put on a wait list or wait until Verizon ships out more devices just like the DI and DX.

Special Edition R2D2 click hereDroiddoes webiste click here


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