WatDaDickens: Gears of War 3 – What Have I Become? [Fan Made Trailer]

Very cool fan made trailer for Gears of War 3.

The trailer features the song “Hurt” by Johnny Cash.

*This is not an official trailer.* (Duh) This trailer was a collaboration between: TheDuoGroup, Kootra, Treadster Media and Sound Wizardry with pre-production help from Eric Hibbeler.

War has taken its toll on Cole and the other Gears. Their backs are up against the wall. The enemy is closing in. They must rely on each other more than ever. Brothers till the end…together till the end.

Directed & Edited: TheDuoGroup – http://www.theduogroup.com

Cinematic Design: Kootra – http://www.youtube.com/kootra

Animation: Treadster Media – http://www.treadster.com

Sound Design: Sound Wizardry – http://www.soundwizardry.com

Storyboard Artist: Eric Hibbeler – http://www.sketcheth.deviantart.com

Music: Johnny Cash – Hurt (NIN cover)

Special thanks to Mitch Briggs and Anton Borkel.


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