Favre to Retire?

Obviously this isn’t the first time we’ve heard this, but according to a source, Brett Favre told the Vikings that he is done. Now first of all, I’m not too sure I believe it. Not the source, but just the fact that he is going to finally retire.
If he does retire, then wow what a selfish player. The Vikings are basically relying on him to be great next season, and less than a week away from pre-season kickoff, he decides he’s going to retire. So now they have to get some other guy ready to be the starter after Favre was doing nothing for this whole time since the end of last season. This is why I have disliked Favre for the last few seasons. You just don’t do this to a team. You don’t tell them you’re thinking about it for months, and moments before the season you change your mind ten more times. Yeah there’s probably health issues involved and if that is the reason he waits until right before the season starts, then you should just retire.


4 responses to “Favre to Retire?

  1. I can see why one would dislike Favre. He is indeed a selfish player for leaving his team hanging like that. He has been doing that a lot lately. The first couple times, I gave him the benefit of a doubt because I can understand wanting to contuinue to do something you love, but are phisically at the end of your abilities. But enough is enough. He should have made his decision before the draft, so that his team can focus and its’ needs.
    I will always have respect for his abilities on the field, but not for his actions off the field.

  2. Farve retire??? Hahahaha oh Brett you are to funny. He should be thinking more about wat teams time he’s gonna be wasting.

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