EVO 4G Froyo Now Released, BJ’s Wish Coming True


Source: Engadget

It seems as if the Evo 4G will be getting it’s update now than tomorrow. Looks like people have spotted the over-the-air update by being anxious and just checking in to see if the update was released. So any Evo users check your handset now.


6 responses to “EVO 4G Froyo Now Released, BJ’s Wish Coming True

  1. If possible let me know how this post quality is since it was posted directly from my Droid X, wanted to test out the wordpress app

  2. Ah, thats cool…Ya i knew about this a while back, but ya been pretty busy. Flashlight app? I have an app I downloaded from the market and called droid light, I use that app a lot at night HAHA. Ya, well just follow my post about the manual for 2.2. It seems that the link isn’t working right, so I’m trying to fix it now because I have it in my downloads and I’ll attempt to send it to you

    • Yea it uses the flash from the camera as a flashlight. you can change the intensity of it too. i’m sure it will come in handy at some point.

      I’ll check out the post once you’re done with it.

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