T.O. Joins OchoCinco in Cincy

(Photo Source: Yahoo!)

So after Cincy had shown interest of signing TO, they offered him a contract and he is now a Bengal. The contract is for 1 year, and $2 million. He will be joining Chad Ochocinco and Antonio Bryant in what looks like a pretty good set of wide-outs. Not too sure if he really helps them that much, seeing as how he’s coming off one of his worst seasons last year with the Bills. But then again, it is the Bills. Also, he’s teaming up with another big-headed loud-mouth and I’m not sure how that’s going to work. Both these guys are extremely selfish and they both play WR. They both have their own VH1 reality show as well (smh).

This is one of those signings that will either really help the team and make them very good, or it will completely backfire and kill the team. They sure will have their hands full with a pretty good division (other than the Browns).


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