“Lasers” Update From Lupe Fiasco

Source: XXLmag.com Now if you’re a Lupe fan like us here at the Dickens, I’m sure you’ve been wondering when his new album “Lasers” would be released. Here is what Lupe said on his Twitter.

Lasers is out of my hands guys and gals,” he wrote yesterday (July 12). “[I]t’s done and that’s all I can tell you…when they drop it…they drop it…so drop it.” “Really appreciate the EXTRA EXTRA effort you guys are putting out to get Lasers released,” he added. “[Not] fallin on deaf ears up at HQ!”

Now back in January of this year, Lupe told Tony Touch on Shade 45 that he had submitted the album to the label (Atlantic). So the label has been holding on to the album for just a little over 6 months now. I don’t know what they’re waiting for, perhaps the lead single “I’m Beaming” didn’t generate the buzz they had hoped it would.Whatever it is they need to just drop the album for the real Lupe fans. Also in related news, Lupe spoke about his side project “Japanese Cartoon“.

“JC IS in my hands though…and that will be dropping Fo’ Free @ allsabotage.com like soon as hell…ha!”

So be on the long out for the group’s LP “In the Jaws of the Lords of Death” to drop in the near future.


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