Ty Lawson Wants to Smash Kim Kardashian

Looks like Ty Lawson needs to get in line cuz I’m sure he’s not the only athlete to want a piece of that..

I guess some girls would see it as disrespectful if a guy tweeted about wanting to have sex with them, but in this case, I doubt it. I’m sure she doesn’t mind because hey, that’s really all she’s famous for anyway..
Where was she before that sex-tape with Ray-J?

Right now she’s with Miles Austin of the Dallas Cowboys, but their chances as of right now aren’t really any better than years past. Some predictions have them up there, but to me they are a bit overrated. They did get WR Dez Bryant in the Draft but I don’t think he’s going to help them get a title. He’s good but he is still a rookie and he does seem like one of those selfish attention receivers like T.O.
And if the Cowboys do win it all and this is all true about winning a championship after being with her, then she needs to go over to the Steelers locker room haha.


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