What to Watch For: “The Decision”

Tonight the world will watch as Lebron’s ego gets even bigger..

Tonight at 9 PM ET on ESPN there will be a ONE-HOUR feature for Lebron James to make a decision as to where he will sign. Of course he needs one whole hour to say “I’m going here.” I mean that does take a pretty long time to do especially with someone so important as him.

In all seriousness this is absolutely ridiculous. How does a ringless basketball player get a one-hour special on primetime tv just to announce what team he will go to? How fitting that the most hyped player in the NBA is the spotlight of the most hyped free-agencies in sports. Now the worst part is, if he does decide to leave Cleveland (as all sources indicate him signing with Miami), imagine the city of Cleveland and all of its fans? That has got to be pretty disappointing and pretty messed up on Lebrons part.
Now it does seem like he will be joining Wade and Bosh in Miami. Apparently he’s already doing a celebration party for his decision, and guess what the location is? You guessed it, Miami. Of course it’s not 100% that he will go to Miami. But it breaks down a couple ways. Consider the 2 most possible options, Cleveland or Miami. Lebron’s criticism mainly comes from not having a ring, or having too much of an ego. With Miami, he would be giving up his role of being ‘the guy’ for the entire team, but he will be competing for a title. With Cleveland, he will be praised for sticking with his team, but he will most likely not be competing for a title. But hey, you never know, he could just surprise us all and sign with another team like the Nets or Knicks…
But if he does decide to join Wade and Bosh, they would become not ‘the big three’, but ‘the epic three.’


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