Bosh and Wade to Heat, Durant Staying in OKC

Looks like we finally have some official free-agency news, and Durant signs an extension.

Looks like Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade will play along side each other in Miami. This is big, and they instantly become a whole lot better. Although, I’m not too sure they are for sure contenders, as they are not very deep and don’t have the best role players. However, the focus is on whether Lebron will join them or not. Bosh and Wade have decided to sign for less money, but the Heat will need to trade away Michael Beasley in order to free up cap space. If that somehow does go down, this team will be epic. And it does seem like a possibility, because now every other option for Lebron seems way less intriguing. The Cavs wanted to land Bosh, and I’m sure Lebron wants some All-Star help wherever he decides to go.
Lebron James will make his decision tomorrow night.

Kevin Durant signed an extension that is around $85 million. Good news for him and the Thunder, as they really have a good young team they can build around. They’ve showed they have the potential when they took the Lakers to 6 games in the playoffs when everyone expected a sweep.


7 responses to “Bosh and Wade to Heat, Durant Staying in OKC

  1. Pelon’s comment did nothing to disprove any argument made.
    With Portland you said it in your argument, “not that long ago”
    They aren’t old, they have just had a couple injuries and they haven’t necessarily made the right moves (greg oden)

    All i’m saying is that for the Thunder this is a step in the right direction. making sure you keep your main guy who is young and is coming off of a 30 ppg season.

  2. It’s simple, if lebron wants to get close to a title he’ll sign with the heat. If not, he’ll stay in clevland with no support. It really dosnt matter though cuz lakers are gonna 3-peat hahaha.

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