Most Ridiculous Contract Ever?

We’ve seen some pretty crazy contracts in our life like Alex Rodriguez getting 250 mil. But for basketball those crazy contracts usually belong to the league’s best superstars. Well very soon Joe Johnson will be getting one of the most ridiculous contracts known to man…

The Atlanta Hawks will be making an offer to Joe Johnson which will be 6 years and $119 million. Are you kidding me? The same Joe Johnson that averaged 11 points a game in the second round of the playoffs? In an off-season with probably the BEST free-agents on the market, and you go for Joe Johnson? You might as well just throw your money away. Don’t get me wrong, Joe Johnson is a good player, and usually is the main guy for the Hawks. But he is not a Lebron, Melo or Wade. The guy played absolutely terrible when the team needed him most, and now they’re going to give him a crap-load of money? The Hawks must really like the guy if they’re willing to pass on all the other free-agents and go with him.

What’s worse is, now you have no more money to bring in more players to help the team. Let’s face it, this contract doesn’t make them any better. Joe Johnson is 29 years old and is probably on the downhill of his career. There were talks about him not wanting to stay with the hawks anymore. This makes sense because they almost lost to the injured Bucks with a rookie PG, and got absolutely owned by the Orlando Magic. They need to use that money to get new players and stay away from guys who’s career is gonna start to go downhill, like Johnson and Bibby.

With the East making huge pushes for guys like Lebron, Wade, Bosh and Amare it also hurts the Atlanta Hawks. In recent years the East hasn’t been what you would call a powerhouse. In fact, sub-500 teams have been making the playoffs in the East. But now we will see a lot more superstars in teams like the Nets, Knicks and Bulls. Obviosly that depends on the decisions of free-agents but it seems likely that there will be a stronger group of teams in the East, and possibly a lot better than the Hawks. To whoever made this deal for Joe Johnson needs to have their head checked.


3 responses to “Most Ridiculous Contract Ever?

  1. Damn, didn’t really think of it that way.

    ATL should have tried to do a sign and trade for Melo. DEN said they’d be willing to move him and if you’re the Hawks how can you not at least try to make it work. Oh well.

  2. Couldn’t agree anymore with your JJ article. The newest rumor is that they will try to get more cap space by trading Mike Bibby and Marvin Wlliams to GS. But I cant see ATL getting any bigger free agents to come there via sign and trade. It’s the problem that the hawks, hornets, cliippers and many other teams have when they are in the real of conteding. Just like the Peja Stojakovic deal that still haunts the Hornets to this day. Smaller market teams who have less than stellar histories have to overpay. However it doesn’t change the fact its a bad decision. He’s reached his zenith. Not only is he not a #1 guy but he’s got nowhere to go but down from here. It’ll be interesting to see if they pay Al Hortford next year.

  3. You’re 100% right about those other teams. They all have a history of overpaying a ‘good’ player. In this league, what the Celtics and Lakers have shown, is that you SHOULD make big-time free-agent signing moves. The Celtics got Ray Allen, KG, to go along with Paul pierce and the first year together they won the title. Same with the Lakers they got Pau to compliment Kobe and they reached the finals every year so far, and winning 2 of them. This is why there is so much hype with the free-agents right now. If a team can land 2 superstars to go with an already average team….they pose a serious threat.
    The Hawks WILL stay a ‘good’ team but they will not reach contender position with moves like these where they are basically keeping their team at an okay level but spending way more money

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