HTC EVO 4G OTA Software Update

Source: Engadget

Sprint just released an over-the-air OTA update, which no one really knows what this update is for but by the looks of the size [21.43Mb] it possibly might be bug fixes. Word going aroud is that when layed down the phone is more responsive, WiFi is enhanced ranging about 30 ft. more, and FPS (Frames Per Second) is “enhanced” even though the cap is still set at 30fps. Might be that the memory usage is enhanced and you use less memroy or apps/widgets are taking less memory. Be warned, it is said to delete current wallpapers and widgets but nothing to major since they can be put back on.  Will update later with officail updates.

Here is the stats on what the update does.

HTC EVO 4G Software version 1.47.651.1

Update includes:

  • Improvements to Wi-Fi performance
  • Exchange Active Sync improvements, including fix to issues with new account setup, PIN policy usage and Exchange Calendar 2010 Sync
  • Addresses Facebook sync issue which can improve battery performance

Download Timing:

  • Customers will be notified that an update is available. The download will take a couple minutes (depending on the device connection) and the install will take a couple minutes which includes an automatic power cycle. Download will take a couple minutes if in 3g coverage.
  • HTC servers will push the OTA update on a daily basis.
  • FOTA server will check for old software version and prompt once a day on units without the latest firmware until customer accepts.

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