Google To Compete With Facebook?

Source: Twitter

Google is know to be a feirce competitor with Google Chrome, Android OS, Google phones, but is it ready to make its way to Social Networking? It possibly may be a rumor, but google has all the right tools to start competing inthe social networking industry with “Google ME”. Google Profiles  lets you customize a personal page with user info. Google Buzz lets you create status updates (Like Facebook and Twitter), and then their is Latitude which lets you share the location you are at currently. Google might be running for its money since facebook has nearly 500 million users, but everything has to start from the bottom and work its way up.


2 responses to “Google To Compete With Facebook?

  1. Ya facebook does seem to feel like myspace, but what do you expect? Also don’t underestimate google just yet, look at how smart they actually are. Almost every company has started with something big and trying to go small. Google is going the other way around where they start off with phones and website and going up to bigger devices. Within time I believe Google will be the top company we hear and many people trying to work for google, like yours truly B_G@dget =]

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