Nintendo 3DS An Early Fail…

Source: TGDaily

Nintendo is known for its roots for its Mario franchise. Kids now are seen with the DS and DSi, but now they are having restrictions with the 3DS. They have done studies before on a game called Virtual Boy, it is said to cause infamous migranes. For adults we can be ok since we can take migrane pills, but for kids that isn’t really the case.Kids at a young age have not fully developed their eye muscles, so this can can really mess with their vision at an early age. The upside to this device is their is a switch on the 3DS to change the settings down back to 2D. The major downside is that when not supervised, children can switch the settings back to 3D. Virtual boy was one of the games that was to be tested for 3D side effects. The major side effect was that to much exposure to the red and black 3D feature caused major migraines to who ever watch the screen for excesive amount of time. The picture displayed here is of Virtual Boy


2 responses to “Nintendo 3DS An Early Fail…

  1. What a waste of a post. You said yourself that the 3DS has a slider to turn off the 3D. If they get a headache it’s their own fault.

    • Actually its not a waste of a post. If you don’t have kids, ya to you it may seem pointless because your smart enough to where you get a headache you turn off the 3D. To where as a kid, they don’t really think as us, and they can lose their vision early. Ya parents might tune it down to 2D, but when left alone a kid can crank it up forget about it and bye bye vision. My ex has a 3 year old cousin glues to his DS, parents leave him playing that countless hours and he always conplains that he has headaches, mm wounder y? Now if they get him this, imagine his eye sight going horrible

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