Cinderella Story Over for USA

Well, it was a good run for the US Team for this being the first time ever winning their group. But today they lost in a thriller to the last African team left in the Cup, Ghana. Ghana will now advance to the quarter-finals. This game was crazy if you missed it. Down by 1, Landon Donavon scored on a penalty kick in the second half and the game later went on to extra time. But very early on in the extra 30 minutes of play, Gyan of Ghana scored an amazing goal to put them up 2-1.

The US then had some more time to miraculously come back as they have proven they can do. But they just didn’t get it done. It was the end to what looked like a very promising run for the US. You got to give it up to them, though. For a nation that wasn’t expected to make it very far, they did provide their fans with some hope.


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