3D The New HD?

Source: Engadget

Everyone knows that 3D has been a big hit especially in IMAX theaters, but now is it really going to be replacing HD? We know that Sony has mentioned in E3 that the future in gaming will be in 3D and many companies have been taking this approach. To me I thought this was going to die fast since people have to invest in 3D TV’s in order to watch or play 3D featured games/movies. Now their is even a video card out their being able to produce 3D in PC’s

Sapphire is making a Multi-Monitor 3D gaming Video card. A single ATI-based Sapphire graphics card, which to me is pretty amazing knowing that video cards can do multi-monitor functions. Now to be able to do multi-monitor functionality and 3D in one Video card? It is not said when this will launch or how much this card is going to run for, but 3D will be coming to us in the near future. Thank you technology for leaving our pockets empty =]


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