Gorilla Glass = Fragile iPhone 4

Source: Gizmodo

If you have the new iPhone, be warned that if you drop the device it will most likely break. So much for Steve Jobs promoting the Gorilla Glass that comes with the iPhone. Since its release their has been said that after 50 reports of iPhone 4’s being accidentally broken and replaced,  Apple will stop replacing them.


3 responses to “Gorilla Glass = Fragile iPhone 4

    • It’s not whinning, it’s stating a fact about the poor job they did into manufacturing the iPhone. If you see it in a corporate point of view, people are very clumsy and would spend enough money to get into a phone fanatic hype. Which means people will drop their phone in time and pay for a new one because their isn’t insurance for that model. So if you think that’s whinning, well that’s on you.

  1. Well anyone who has half of any sense wouldn’t buy a phone from the phone carrier, but from a store that will at least cover any damages. I bought my iPhone 4 from best buy because anything I’ve bought with their product replacement insurance has been replaced no matter what has happened to it my last phone the blackberry storm 2 screen shattered due to my fault and they replaced it no questions asked even though I got my phone upgraded to the iPhone 4 which now has insurance that too granted it’s $14 monthly but to protect your phone? No doubt it’s worth it.

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