Coach Phil Jackson Likely to Retire?

Lakers coach Phil Jackson says he’s leaning toward retirement but will wait until next week to make his decision. The Lakers just came off their second consecutive title, and to me it seems like the team still has the capability of doing it again. But it’s more than that, it’s about Phil Jackson’s health. He is still waiting on some medical tests as well before deciding about his coaching future.

The big question is, should Laker fans be worried if he does retire?
Some might think he doesn’t do much in the game, mainly because he seems very calm, cool, and collected even down the stretch. Some people think he’s only good because he’s had some of the league’s best with MJ and Kobe. The man does have 11 NBA titles though. I think if he does retire, the Lakers can still land a good coach, improve the bench a little, and get right back into contention. Of course a lot depends on the off-season and free-agency but the Lakers obviously have money and a determination to win. If Jackson retires it should caution fans, but the sky wouldn’t be falling.

Source: Yahoo!


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