Marvel To Introduce New Characters

By the sounds of it, It seems like Marvel is going to swagger jack Pixar. You know how Pixar have short animated films before the real movie begins?  Well that’s exactly what Marvel is trying to do except it will be a live action 10 minute short films that will introduce new characters. Rumor has it that they might be featured in the upcoming movies Thor and Captain America. Seems like a great idea but at the same time Marvel might overdue it.


One response to “Marvel To Introduce New Characters

  1. Well for starters no one can top Pixar when it comes to shorts.

    That being said, I like this idea. Tho it would be cool if they just used characters that we all know that probably won’t be getting their own movie.

    Maybe a Hawkeye short would help introduce the character leading to the Avengers.

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