Lakers Repeat as NBA Champs

Final Score: Lakers-83, Celtics-79
Lakers win series 4-3

Celtics started off way better then they did last game, while the Lakers started off horrible. Me and BJ were stuck in traffic for the whole 1st quarter but heard it on the radio. Kobe and the Lakers shot bad most of the game and the Celtics held a lead for most of the game. That is, until the 4th quarter. The Lakers played insane defense in the 4th and the Celtics couldn’t seem to score. The last 2 minutes of the game saw some really clutch three-pointers by both teams, but in the end the Lakers prevailed and won their second consecutive title. Kobe Bryant was named Finals MVP for the second time in his NBA career. The Lakers and Celtics combined now have over half of all NBA Championships with 33 out of 64.


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