Revis Offered Ridiculous Contract

Darrelle Revis was offered a contract by the Jets that offered ZERO dollars in guaranteed money and simply sat down at practice. Although he claims he sat out for other reasons, it seems pretty apparent that it’s because of this contract offered by the Jets. Ridiculous? YES! Darrelle Revis is without a doubt the best corner in the NFL. That statement is hardly up for debate, in simple words, you just don’t throw to all. Now many feel that the Jets could be competing for the Super Bowl this upcoming season with many big-name off-season acquisitions such as LT and Santonio Holmes. Now I don’t know if it’s just me, but I think the top corner in the NFL deserves a little more than 0$ in guaranteed money. It always sounds a little selfish when a player holds out because of contract negotiations, but in this case I think Revis has every right to sit out. That offer by the Jets was pretty insulting. Jets better start on negotiating his contract, as he says he “wants to be a Jet forever.”

The other notable holdout is with the Titans and Chris Johnson. Johnson still has no deal and is coming off a 2000 yard season. We’ll see what unfolds as the NFL Pre-Season approaches in the next couple months.


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