Deadpool Movie

Long before the Wolverine movie there was talk about a Deadpool movie. Seems as if FOX has decided to resurrect the project. According to various sources FOX wants Robert Rodriguez to direct the movie. Why? I don’t know but seems as if they are making a strong push for him. For now we’ll just play the waiting game. As far as the Deadpool is concerned Ryan Reynolds is still set to play him which doesn’t make sense since he is also playing the Green Lantern. Ryan you sir are a disgrace.


3 responses to “Deadpool Movie

  1. “Ryan you sir are a disgrace.”

    no sir, your the disgrace.

    if you’re familiar with the character of Deadpool, you’ll see that Ryan Reynolds will do good as him.

    you’re just hating cause he’s smashing ScarJo, and can you blame him?

  2. Haha assholes. He’s stupid for being a superhero for DC and Marvel. I liked him as Deadpool also but just don’t like the fact that he’s going to be the green lantern as well.

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