Lakers Dominate Game 6, Force Game 7

Lakers-89, Celtics-67
Series: Lakers-3, Celtics-3

Just pure domination from the defending champs today in Game 6. Most people predicted Lakers would force Game 7, but after their performance in Game 5 a lot were skeptical. Well the bench showed up today, created a well-balanced scoring group, and completely slaughtered Boston. For the Celtics, it was an absolutely horrible shooting night for the whole team. There was no point after the first where you thought, Celtics could go on a run. They missed a lot of easy shots and a lot of open shots, but the Lakers played incredible defense tonight. They seem unstoppable right now.

This game will give a lot of momentum going into Game 7. For Boston, they have GOT to stay aggressive and get more stops. Another huge problem tonight was the rebounding. Perkins got injured in the first and was gone the rest of the game. If he can play in Game 7 it should help with the enormous dominance in rebounding by the Lakers. Now I’m predicting a Laker win for Game 7, but as I said in my last recap I’m hoping for a nail-biter with Celtics winning in the end. Don’t forget, this isn’t the first time the Celtics have been blown out this post-season.

SikOne Notes:
-The Celtic bench didn’t score til the 4th Quarter
-Second half of 3rd quarter went out for Time Warner customers (aka Crap Warner)
-Kobe finally got a technical…the man complains way too much.
-That Shannon Brown alley-oop was vicious


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