Panic Time For Lakers?

Celtics-92, Lakers-86
Series: Celtics-3, Lakers-2

Despite a spectacular performance by Kobe Bryant, the Lakers still lose in Boston to fall down 2-3. Kobe Bryant had one of the sickest quarters in the 3rd today. At one point the Lakers had 23 staright points by Kobe alone. Aside from Kobe with 38 points, no one really scored for the Lakers, as the next highest scorer was Gasol with 12. For the Celtics it was Paul Pierce with 27, and Rondo and Garnett followed with 18 each.

So the question is, should Laker fans start panicking? Well with the next two games being in Los Angeles, it probably isn’t panic time yet. I predict Lakers to take Game 6 and force a Game 7. In Game 7 I’m hoping for a nail-biter with Boston winning, but my prediction goes with Lakers taking and repeating as champs. Game 6 is Tuesday at 8 ET on ABC.

SikOne Notes:
-Ron Artest finally hit a three-pointer this game
-This makes it 3 straight games without a Ray Allen three-pointer
-killer block by Tony Allen on Gasol
-Kobe’s 19 in the 3rd was second only to Isiah Thomas with 25 in 1988(Finals)


4 responses to “Panic Time For Lakers?

  1. Nice recap Sik.

    I don’t think I’ve missed having Trevor Ariza as a Laker as much as I did watching this game.

    Oh and for the record, that shot by Ray Allen late in the 4th did not hit the rim. Just like in Game 2, the refs missed a call that really impacted the game.

  2. I am going to marry rondo when i turn 18!

    GO CELTICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    oh and by the way juan, u remind me of a young paul pierce(:

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