Will We See A 2GHz Phone By Years End? Motorola Hopes So

Source: Droid-Life

Yes you read that right, 2GHz on a mobile phone.

Motorola’s Chief of Handsets, Sanjay Jha said that the company has intentions to deliver the first 2Ghz phone.

In addition to the statement made by Jha, an anonymous¬† Moto exec said that NVIDIA Terga, Flash 10.1 and HD video recording and output will all be on board. Now this isn’t solid info since it comes for a anonymous source. But the 2GHz talk came straight from the horses mouth, so be on the look out for that.

Now as much as I like love HTC, you have to give props to Motorola for stepping their game up. With the Droid doing well on Verizon and the Droid Xtreme (aka Shadow) and Droid 2 on the way, Motorola is doing a good job of not lagging behind the rest of the competition.


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