Celtics Tie It Back Up

Celtics-96, Lakers-89
Series: Lakers-2, Celtics-2

A strong performance by the Celtic bench gives the Celtics a win to tie up the series 2-2. Although Kobe had 33, and Gasol had 21, the next highest leading scorer on their team was Lamar Odom with 10. Celtics had nobody with 20 points, but it was the play of their bench that gave them the edge. Big Baby Davis had 18 pts in just 22 minutes. He’s been playing extremely well in the Finals and has been getting a lot of hustle plays and 2nd chance shots. Lakers need to start boxing him out if they want to avoid more sparks from the Boston bench.

Some SikOne personal notes:
-Rondo can’t make a free-throw to save his life
-Ray Allen hasn’t made a 3 in the last 2 games
-Gasol needs to stop acting so much
-Rasheed Wallace you need to chill out


7 responses to “Celtics Tie It Back Up

  1. Hey Sik you forgot on your personal notes that Davis needs to stop pretending that he’s good. He ain’t shit and he’s acting like he’s an All-Star

  2. Sik’s right P.

    if you know about basketball you have to give Big Baby his props. His fatass is out working the entire Lakers bench. No one outside of Kobe, Pau and Fish have shown up for them.

    but no worries, like I told Sik. the finals have become a best out of 3 with 2 of those games in L.A.

    we got this.

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