How To Get 720p Recording On A Nexus One [Video]

Source: / XDA-Developers

Being able to record video in 720p seems to be the new standard for the latest smart phones on the market. With both the HTC EVO 4G and HTC Incredible having the ability to do so, it’s only right that their brothers brother the Nexus One have the ability too.

Now if you’re not familiar with the crew from XDA let me just say this, they’re crazy (in a good way). So all you Nexus One owners or potential owners can thank them for going out of their way to make this possible.

But before you can enjoy 720p recording on your Nexus One you’ll have to root it. Huh? what’s root you say, click HERE for a brief description.

After the jump we have a video demo of the N1 in action.

Head over to XDA Developers if you’re interested in this hack or any other hacks for your phone. The person that posted the hack gave a update saying that he is working on a hack for 720p recording while running Froyo, with better audio and fps.


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