Lakers Re-take Homecourt Advantage

Lakers-91, Celtics-84
Series:Lakers-2, Celtics-1

Celtics drop their first home game in the 2010 Finals, as the Lakers regain their homecourt advantage. Ray Allen, after setting a Finals record for three-pointers in the last game, goes 0-13 tonight. Kobe Bryant was Kobe Bryant with 29, and Fisher came up big with 8 points in the 4th. The Celtics played good defense in the 2nd half and they had their shot in the 4th tying it a couple times, but they just didn’t do enough down the stretch both offensively and defensively. Got to admit though, I’m really glad they incorporated this review system, as it was crucial in the final two minutes of the game. It’s great that they can actually get the calls right after they mess them up initially. If only they can extend it to the entirety of the game. What do you guys think of the review system?
It was over when: Ray Allen missed yet another three-pointer, and Derek Fisher breaks free in transition and gets a layup and a foul with the game winding down.
Next game is this Thursday at 9 ET on ABC.


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