Boston Steals One in LA

Celtics-103, Lakers-94
Series: Celtics-1, Lakers-1

After the first two games in the 2010 NBA Finals, we have a tie at 1-1, with the series heading to Boston. Ray Allen was on fire going 8-11 from Three, which is a record for the Finals, and Rondo helped with a triple-double. Although Pierce and Garnett didn’t have spectacular games, the Celtics played good team defense.
For Game 3, you would have to assume Kobe will score more than just 21 like he did tonight. But at the same time, it is Boston homecourt, so look for them to try and control the tempo running the floor and getting some transition three’s. Seems like Boston plays better this post-season when they get thrown under the bus. We’ll see what happens when they go back to Boston for three straight games.


5 responses to “Boston Steals One in LA

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  2. The Lakers really need to start switching on those pick and rolls. It will force Ray to either shot the ball over one of the Lakers’ bigs or pass it off to one of the Celtics’ bigs.

    Either way the Lakers can benefit. Aside from KG most of the Celtics’ bigs can’t create their own shot and if they miss then the Lakers’ bigs are already at the other end of the floor waiting for a outlet pass.

  3. You’re right, they can’t really create their own shot. And against the Laker bigs, the best way they can score are off of great interior passing and/or those 2nd chance hustle plays like big baby was getting.

  4. seriously and it pains me to say this as a Laker fan, but Big Baby has been out playing the whole Lakers’ bench.

    the Lakers really lack a hustle guy off the bench. they had it with Ronny Turiaf but obviously he’s no longer on the team.

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