Lebron Says Cavs Have Edge

So in a recent interview, Lebron James stated that so far he is not anywhere close to making a decision on who he will sign with. He did say that the Cavs do have an edge though, mainly because of the city and its fans. However, he did say that he did want to win a championship there, and it didn’t happen. Lebron also said that he will meet with Free Agents Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade to talk about their future plans. When the thought of playing for the Clippers was mentioned, he said this:

“They’ve got some really good players. Some really nice, solid pieces that, if they add a free agent here or a free agent there, it could be a really good team. It’s a great city. But at the same time, it’s not always about the city. It’s about winning. If you put me and Bosh on the same team, if you put me and Dwayne Wade on the same team, a lot of teams would be much better. You know, the Cavs would be much better.”


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