The Teams That Just Won’t Quit

Magic-96, Celtics-92 (OT)
Series: Celtics-3, Magic-1

So the day after the Suns beat the Lakers to cut the series to 2-1, the Magic beat the Celtics in game 4 and are now down 3-1. I know, I know, no team has ever come back from being down 3-0 in a series. But let’s face it, how many teams down 3-0 would win game 4 on the road? Most would just pack it in. For the Magic to win in overtime like they did could give them a little confidence booster going back home for game 5. If Dwight can put up numbers like he did in this game (32 pts, 16 reb) then we might have a more exciting series than we thought after game 3. Oh yeah, someone please tell Vince Carter he’s in the playoffs, and that 3 points is pathetic.


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