Griffin Back to 100%

Ok, so the Clippers didn’t get 1st pick this year like we(WDD) dreamed, but last years 1st pick, Blake Griffin is now officially back to 100%. Sources report that Griffin, who did not play a single game last year, is officially practicing with absolutely no restrictions. The goal now, is for him to stay healthy.

Some feel that the ultimate upgrade would be to sign the biggest free agent we all know, Lebron James. Clearly he would fit right in, the Clippers have Baron Davis at pg, plus a good center in Kaman who averaged 18.5 ppg last year. There are key pieces to the puzzle that would mix well with a dominant player like Lebron at his position. The starting line-up would probably look like this: PG:Baron Davis, SG:Eric Gordon, SF:Lebron James, PF: Blake Griffin, and C:Chris Kaman. Now if that doesnt get your attention, then i don’t know what would. I assume the only things that would prevent Lebron from coming to the Clippers, would be the obvious reputation of the team, and the fact that it’s the Western Conference. This should be an interesting off-season, to say the least.


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